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    Home Automation

    Understanding Home Automation and Its Benefits

    Home automation allows you to control devices in your home from a mobile device wherever you may be in the word. The term is commonly used in remotely programmable devices, such as thermostats and sprinkler systems. But it’s becoming more common in almost everything inside the homes, such as heating and cooling systems, electrical outlets, appliances, and even lights. You can hook up nearly everything in your home to a remotely controllable network. Home automation can also be linked to your home security systems, such as your alarm system, windows, doors, some detectors, locks, and surveillance cameras.

    Main Characteristics of Home Automation

    Automation. One main characteristic of home automation is automation itself. The term refers to the power to program and schedule events that may include time-related commands for the devices on the network. You can schedule when your lights to be turned on and turned off at specific times each day. The programming can also include non-scheduled events, such as automatically turning on all the lights in your home when your home security system is triggered.

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    There are a variety of possibilities of home automation scheduling, and understanding them can help you come up with many useful and creative solutions to live a better life. For instance, your home has a west-facing window that lets too much light to get during noon; you can connect your motorized blinds into a smart outlet and program it to close at noon daily.

    Remote Control

    Remote control monitoring and access are the other main characteristics of home automation. Smartphones and tablets allow homeowners to connect to their home networks while they are away. You can view and control the home automation system and any connected devices with the use of any Internet-connected device wherever you may be in the world.

    Monitoring apps offer information about your home, from the current status to a detailed history of what has taken place. You can check whether your lights are on, whether windows and doors are locked, what the real-time temperature of your home and much more. Want to pull up real-time video feeds of your home while you’re away? Include your security cameras as part of your home automation system to see what’s going on in your home remotely.

    Even simple notifications are vital to performing necessary actions. You can program your system to send you an email or a text message whenever your home security system detects a potential issue, from fire alarms to motion detector warnings. If you are a parent and want to know when your child returns home, you can program your system to notify you when a child enters your home.

    You can also reprogram the scheduling, lock and unlock doors, adjust the lights, reset the thermostat anytime and virtually anywhere you want. As more smart devices and appliances made available on the market, the possibilities for home automation are limitless.

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