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I’m not really your average woman… but then again, maybe I am. I’m Alexa Bryant, a nerdy married woman with two young kids: Maxine, our little girl with a big personality, and Louie, our playful little boy. Just like many of you, we dreamed of having the opportunity to build a custom home and design a beautiful place for our family to do life together. After years of preparation and planning (and many more years of saving), we’re blessed to have that chance recently.

We couldn’t be more excited to transfer into our unconventional new home in the woods just outside of Nashville, TN. What makes us different? We may be one of the geekiest couples you’ll meet. We’re somewhat the guinea pigs for every new piece of technology, from wearables to smartphones, cloud services, and even entertainment. We incline to be the family that’s always thinking outside the box. That leads us to build our smart home; we have the passion for organizing and improving the lives of our family with all of the technology we can get our hands on! This site serves to document our journey.

Feel Uniquely Qualified

I am a web developer who has been an enthusiastic fan of the future since I was seven. Aside from coding sites and developing WordPress plugins, I also serve as the Managing Director of Communication and Technology for a big Nashville church. The enthusiasm to reach our community with the best tech news on Earth is a driving motivation to explore every tech advance and startup can think of.

I’m also a meticulous designer with an incredible eye for detail and elegance. My work on countless brands, campaigns, and book covers makes me an excellent judge of practical design and purity of form. I feel uniquely qualified to embark on this journey, exploring all options in search of beautifully functional additions to our home. My objective is to search through the jungle of landing pages and spec sheets to know every detail of products that are great for every family.

You can reach me here.

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